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Wine Storage

We know how much time, energy and passion our clients put into building and maintaining their collections and how important it is their wines are stored safely and properly.  With that in mind we have a storage solution for the most discerning collectors regardless of the size of their collection. We have decades of experience procuring, storing and shipping the finest wines made in the world and we know how important it is to maintain our warehouse at ideal temperatures and provide high level security.

  • Temperatures are maintained between 53-58 degrees year round.

  • Humidity is maintained between 50-70% year round.

  • Fully alarmed facility including motion sensors & security cameras.  Any alarm triggers a notification to the police and our employees. 

No matter the size of your collection we have the solution for you.  We have specially designed secure lockers ranging in size from 17, 25 and 31 cases and any combination of the three.  Pricing for our three standard locker sizes is available by clicking here. We also have a range of custom solutions that can accommodate a single case to collections in the 100's of cases.  For a quote on our custom storage solutions please contact us at

Lockers are available in an open format but can also be outfitted with personal shelving and racking to fit your organizational and storage needs.  

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