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Wine Storage: Our lockers come in three standard sizes and can be combined to accommodate almost any collection. Please note that case quantities are based on the quantity each locker will except of layflat sized boxes. Actual box sizes usually vary leading to variation in actual storage capacity.

17 Case Locker

24 Cubic Feet

$27.50 Per Month

31 Case Locker

48 Cubic Feet

$50.00 Per Month

25 Case Locker

36 Cubic Feet

$40.00 Per Month

Over 31 Cases

Large Collections

Please Inquire

Locker Services and Materials: Looking for boxes, locks, or for one of our supremely qualified employees to handle incoming or outgoing wine? We offer a suite of premium stand-up or lay-flat boxes that work perfectly with our storage systems. We also offer to help you manage incoming and outgoing wine from your locker(s) when it isn't convenient for you to do it yourself.


$10.00 Per Piece

Upright 12 Bottle Box



$25.00 Per Case

(Excl. Shipping Costs)

Layflat 12 Bottle Box


Shipping and Moving Services:

Ardel Cellars can provide a number of solutions tailored to your needs.  Please fill out the form below and let us know what you are looking for or call us at 630-634-7022 and we will be happy to provide you with options and pricing.

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